was there an explosion in texas today

They were hospitalized but their conditions were not immediately known. More:Texas SWAT commander killed, 4 officers injured in standoff with gunman; suspect captured. No injuries were reported. Harley said she was personally concerned about the potential impact incidents like this one and the fire in 2019 could potentially have on air quality. As someone who lives close to the refinery, she said, its very concerning. But over the last 30 years, companies have increasingly used additives to enhance the products, changing their makeup. BEIRUT (AP) Scores of protesters Thursday scuffled with riot police in Beirut as they tried to break into the offices of Lebanons judiciary, after the countrys chief prosecutor filed charges against the judge investigating the massive 2020 port explosion and ordered the release of all suspects in the case. He said that "for now" there were no indications that nearby residents would need to evacuate the area or shelter-in-place. In many cases, there was hot work or torch heating on or near the tanks, wrote the author, Robert Zalosh. GUTHRIE, Ky. (AP) One worker was killed and four others were injured in an explosion at an industrial facility in western Kentucky, officials said. At 12:12 p.m., as he stood with one foot on the catwalk and the other on the lid of the Tank #17, Chambers lit his cutting torch, sending sparks flying. A fire analyst named Ricky Jones, who reviewed the incident, wrote that Chambers description of what happenedthat he had lit his torch, seen a small flame and then the top of Tank #17 blew offwas consistent with the ignition of fugitive vapors from the product within Tank #17.. LONDON (AP) The death toll in an explosion and fire at an apartment building on the English Channel Island of Jersey has risen from five to seven, police said Tuesday. A gas explosion in an apartment building Saturday killed at least nine people, including four children, on the island of Sakhalin in far eastern Russia, according local authorities. I could see the flames from the backyard," Branick said. They cut a hole through the tank wall to extract him. Two people remained unaccounted for. TPC officials know that at least three tanks have been damaged, but firefighters have not been able to fully assess the harm, Monk said. Six days earlier, a similar incident in Stafford, Texas left one man injured and another dead. An 18-wheel truck hit a train carrying chemicals and fuels in Cameron, Texas, early Tuesday, causing a huge explosion and starting a fire that is expected to burn for The asphalt in this case was a combination of asphalt and diesel fuel. The bulletin included several key lessons from those accidents, including avoiding the work if possible, monitoring the atmosphere for gas and identifying any potential hazards prior to starting work. Martinez said she stayed up for hours, watching the scene unfold. "Air quality tests in the area are ongoing. At least one house was damaged in the blast, and residents were evacuated from the area, according to the outlet. DENVER (AP) A man who put three failed explosive devices inside a worship hall of Jehovahs Witnesses in suburban Denver before killing his wife and himself there on Christmas morning is suspected of causing an explosion at a union building, police said Wednesday. The first 11 cars of the train were filled with gasoline, coal and petroleum products, causing the initial explosion and fueling a fire that was still burning Tuesday evening, White said. PLANO, Texas The explosion that destroyed a house in suburban Dallas and heavily damaged the two next In a separate statement, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said at least four people had been injured, with three taken to hospital by air ambulance. He said that all other personnel at the facility, which houses a chemical plant, an olefins plant and a 560,500 barrel-per-day oil refinery, according to Reuters, had been accounted for. A barn burned to the ground, and several nearby houses were evacuated, but most people have returned to their homes. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said there are 33 sites in Texas today, but denied TPRs records request for more information on where they are and who operates them. "Kind of like a little mini earthquake.". PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Two people have together been awarded $10.4 million at trial after a jury found they suffered hearing loss and emotional trauma when they narrowly escaped a natural gas explosion in Portland. As black smoke wafted from the nearby tank, two men ran over and let Slovak know that someone was missing. ABC-7 reported that police and fire officials could not explain the noise. After the explosion in Ennis, Tank #17 was left damaged beyond repair and in need of removal. Chambers and his wife are suing U.S. Polyco and the plant safety manager for negligence that resulted in his injuries. The recall covers Beetles from the 2015 and 2016 model years. It was later revealed that there was in fact a construction site explosion in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Hot workthe use of tools for cutting, grinding and welding that can create sparksis common at industrial plants, and asphalt plants are no exception. EVANSVILLE, Ind. She said fire crews appeared to contain the blaze within a short time, but by around 10 a.m. local time Thursday morning, smoke was still visible. Harley, a 22-year-old living with her boyfriend about two miles from the ExxonMobil facility, said she thought the blast was "a bomb or an earthquake.". Download the NBC News app for breaking news, "They have got a lot of people working on it," White said Tuesday evening. The explosion of the asphalt tank is a terrifying example of what can happen to dangerous and polluting facilities in our communities, Jeff Tittel, the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, told a reporter at the time. A dredging vessel in Corpus Christi hit a submerged pipeline, sparking an (AP) Twelve people were injured, two of them critically, in an explosion and fire at a Maryland apartment building Wednesday and the residents of one unit have not been accounted for, a fire official said. 6, resulting in changes to the way the products performand what they emit. On Wednesday afternoon, there was a second massive explosion, forcing officials to issue a mandatory evacuation for the four-mile radius surrounding the plant. 6 fuel oil were negligible because of the heavy nature of the products. Dont miss a beat. People in the surrounding neighborhood were forced to evacuate and seek shelter in a nearby community center until fire crews extinguished the flames four hours later. The Baytown Fire Department said its crews had not responded to the incident. Hours after explosions rocked a Texas chemical plant outside Houston early Wednesday, officials said there is no way to know how long a fire at the site will burn. The bulletin was released in the wake of several incidents in which workers were killed or injured and includes summaries of 11 incidents, none of which involve residual fuels. Long-term exposure has been associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer, and can damage the nervous system. WebThe map below, compiled from data provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is the most accurate nuclear attack map and fallout demonstration available for 2023: (Image courtesy of FEMA and Halcyon Maps) The fallout would rapidly spread, turning targeted cities into whole affected regions. At least three people were transported to hospital by air ambulance as authorities responded to the "major industrial accident" in Baytown, just over 25 miles east of Houston. Please enter valid email address to continue. Neither OSHA nor the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, an independent federal agency charged with looking into industrial chemical accidents, has conducted a systematic investigation of these explosions. Officials say firefighters were called to Trinity Hospital shortly Two package bomb blasts a few miles apart killed a teenager and wounded two All Rights Reserved. By continuing to use this site, you accept this policy. MEXICO CITY (AP) Authorities in the Mexican Gulf coast state of Veracruz said 19 people were injured where a pipeline carrying ethane gas exploded. We are saddened by todays tragedy of a house explosion in our City. Jefferson County Emergency Management coordinator Mike White told the Beaumont Enterprise that five residents were being treated for minor injuries, mostly related to shattered glass. Police brought in an explosives detecting dog, though the dog did not discover any explosives or hazardous materials, and police determined that the site was not a crime scene. (AP) A fiery explosion that injured more than a dozen people at a Maryland condominium building was ignited by a resident who intended to kill himself and died in the blast, police said. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. If you add something that has a different explosive limit, youre going to change the properties of the mixture, he said. Witnesses told local news outlets that they heard a series of booms, which sounded like lightning. No injuries were reported and there was minimal property damage as a result. These kinds of explosions in asphalt tanks have been documented at least since the 1980s. like, a wave," Sarah Martinez, who lives right across from the plant with her 4-year-old son, told NBC News. The soldiers were traveling in an army vehicle a day earlier in the Makhmour district when an explosive device detonated, the state Iraqi News Agency reported. A fire at an ExxonMobil oil refinery in Texas left several people injured early Thursday after what officials and local residents suggested may have been an explosion. The incident occurred around 1 a.m. local time, according to a statement from ExxonMobil. Fire officials said that of the six people hospitalized, one was extricated from the rubble of the home that exploded and the other five were in a home next door. In court records, he is quoted saying that only skin was keeping his foot attached to his leg. Almost instantly, the tank he was standing on exploded. Gas and electricity was turned off to most of the homes on the street until about 9:30 p.m., when Atmos Energy and Oncor Electric representatives determined it was safe to restore gas and power. Unlike pyrophoric explosions, these explosions were characterized by the use of an ignition source, like a torch, that then lit nearby vapors on fire, triggering an explosion in the tank. Monday's blasts left one teen dead and A section of the five-story building in the town of Tymovskoye collapsed after a gas cylinder exploded in one of the apartments at around 5:30 a.m. NEWFANE, Vt. (AP) A man was found dead in a home explosion and fire in the southern Vermont town of Newfane early Friday morning, state police said. In states that do require that emissions be reported, companies estimate them, typically using a formula developed by the petroleum industry that is often wrong and leads to underestimates of vapor pressure and the levels of air pollution the tanks are emitting. At a press conference Wednesday night, Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick said that there were also a number of smaller explosions throughout the day. The tanker had brake failure along a major road in the Ofu council area in Kogi state on Thursday night when it collided with a vehicle obstructing the highway, causing a fireball, a police spokesman told The Associated Press. 6 fuel oil, another heavy oil, have exploded at asphalt plants or terminals around the United States, according to news reports and filings from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Surfside Beach Police Department's Marine Division assisted Port Freeport police and the U.S. Coast Guard on the waterways. All employees at the facility were accounted for, Houston-based Freeport LNG said in a statement. The explosion happened Wednesday while a truck was pumping waste chemicals from the Quick Turn Anodizing facility in Guthrie, Todd County Emergency Management Director Daniel Smith told news outlets. Officials added that it's not yet clear when the evacuation order will be lifted. She worked as a co-producer, field producer or associate producer on the Frontline films League of Denial (2013); Money, Power and Wall Street (2012); A Perfect Terrorist (2011); Dr. Hotspots (2011) and Law and Disorder (2010). The explosion happened just before 8 p.m. when workers Updated on: November 27, 2019 / 9:34 PM It is also a possibility it may have happened on the other side of the border. Gonzalez said initial reports suggested that "some type of explosion" had occurred inside the plant. However, in many other cases, the causes were either not identified or not publicly released because of the restrictions imposed during litigation., Zaloshs study concluded that flammable vapor concentrations measured in storage tanks of residual fuel oil and of asphalt have shown the presence of flammable concentrations even when the liquid is well below the flash point.. These materials are more volatile, can cause greater emissions and become explosive at lower temperatures than asphalt without the additives. Asphalt naturally contains both sulfur and hydrogen, which, when they react, form hydrogen sulfide. A shelter-in-place order was also issued, affecting around 5,000 people in the area. BAGHDAD (AP) A heating gas tank exploded in a residential complex in northern Iraq on Thursday, killing six people, Iraqi Kurdish officials said. Over the last decade, at least 17 heated storage tanks containing asphalt or No. BEIRUT (AP) A British court has ruled a London-based company that delivered the explosive ammonium nitrate to Beirut's port is liable towards the victims of a devastating blast in 2020, Lebanon's Beirut Bar Association said Thursday. And thats what brought Chambers to the site that Spring morning. These additives are often proprietary chemicals or lighter hydrocarbons that would normally be further refined into diesel. For more on this story, follow Erica Simon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. "Plano Fire-Rescue is working diligently to determine the cause of the blast. ICN provides award-winning climate coverage free of charge and advertising. We were able to look in a small cut that was in the side of the tank and actually see that he was there, Slovak said. (AP) A body was found in a Maryland garden-style apartment building a day after an explosion and fire there and investigators are looking into the possibility of a criminal, intentional act, officials announced late Thursday. But Monk said that "Real time air quality reading collected thus far do not indicate levels of human health concern.". The Asphalt Institute did not respond to questions submitted to them by Inside Climate News. Thus, the potential of asphalt additives to influence the formation of pyrophoric materials in an asphalt storage tank cannot be ruled out.. Though each accident had different particulars, all resulted from a flammable vapor coming in contact with an ignition source created by welding or cutting that was performed in, on, or near tanks that contained flammables.. Her work has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Environmental Journalists, and she was named a finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists in 2010 and again in 2015. 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Authorities work on the scene of an explosion in Austin, Texas, March 12, 2018. Asphalt tanks dont really worry us very much, said Mike Hildebrand, an expert in safety management and hazardous materials who wrote a handbook on emergency response for bulk storage tanks, because compared with other petroleum products, asphalt has a high flash point. LOS ANGELES (AP) A Southern California trucking company owner who ordered the illegal repair of a tanker that led to a deadly explosion was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in federal prison. The collision between a freight and passenger train occurred near Tempe, some 380 kilometers (235 miles) north of Athens, and resulted in the derailment of several train cars. WebShortly before 9 a.m. this morning, loud noises disrupted work in a nitric acid unit at the Invista Chemical Plant in Victoria, Texas. Shortly after 4 p.m., they declared the situation was under control and contained to the immediate affected area of the plant. Davis said he could not confirm whether an explosion had taken place at the facility. When hydrogen sulfide interacts with oxidized iron inside a tank (in the form of rust, for example), it can form a new compound called iron sulfidea pyrophoric substance that, when exposed to air, can ignite. Heptane, one of the main components of gasoline, is a lighter-end chemical that is sometimes included in the additives used in heavy fuels. Officials say firefighters were called to Trinity Hospital shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday where the explosion and subsequent fire and smoke caused patients and staff to evacuate the third floor. BAGHDAD (AP) Three members of the Iraqi security forces were killed in an explosion north of Baghdad on Wednesday, Iraq's military said. It's about 70 miles south of Houston. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Whats more, even a small amount of a lower flash point additive could affect the point of ignition of the substance its added to. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news, By SEUNG MIN KIM, ZEKE MILLER and MICHAEL BALSAMO. Blast from rail cars carrying gasoline, coal and petroleum product ignited a fire that could take days to put out. SAN ANTONIO (AP) Authorities on Sunday continued investigating the cause of an explosion that killed three people at a San Antonio construction company. Even in amounts far less than companies routinely use, the additives can have a dramatic effect on how explosive a product is, research shows. "We are keeping them and their families close to our hearts and hoping for a swift and full recovery. OSHA, the American Petroleum Institute and other organizations have standard protocols to ensure the work is done in as safe a manner as possible. Carl Bradley Johansson, 64, of Newport Beach also was sentenced for tax evasion and for using fraud to receive more than $954,000 in COVID-19 relief money, according to the U.S. MORGANTOWN, Pa. (AP) A furnace explosion damaged the roof of a titanium plant in southeastern Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving Day, but no one was injured, authorities said.

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